Prayers Answered Charity Tournament Trust

About Us

What started out as a casual conversation between friends to get together and play Cornhole for fun, quickly became an annual event that brought together various community members and local organizations to be a part of something far greater than ever imagined. It became a PACT, to answer prayers.  

Founded in 2017 by Ryan Good, PACT has hosted an annual community tournament that has provided financial assistance to families who have been affected by a tragedy. Each year, a family was chosen and the entire proceeds raised at each, were donated to that family. In 2019, PACT officially became a Trust and has continuously evolved since it was established. The organization has expanded from hosting just a single tournament the first two years, to now hosting multiple tournaments each year.

The nominations for the 2022 tournaments have been chosen already, and not just one family will have their prayers answered this coming year and years to come, but now with the dedication and commitment of its members, PACT has evolved to being able to host multiple events to answer even more prayers of families in need! We are so excited to see the growth and expansion that has happened over the course of the past year and look forward to continually improving our ability to give back to the community. 

PACT is able to provide financial assistance to families in need by partnering with local businesses and community organizations. Their donations and sponsorship are the driving force behind PACT’s ability to give back to others in a BIG way. With an amazing group of people behind it, all with the common goal of helping families in need, their dedication, ideas, and long-term commitment will continue to shine through for every tournament, we are blessed to be a part of. 

With your help, whether it be for one tournament, or if you Partner with us for many, any and all help is appreciated as we work together, answering one prayer at a time. 

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